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A framework for CLCC personnel to support Departments in designing and delivering innovative, cross-disciplinary modules 

The CLCC has a strong reputation for innovative teaching. Our lecturers’ student feedback is consistently above the College average and some of our Field Leaders, present (Elizabeth Hauke) and past (Giskin Day), have been awarded President’s Medals for Excellence in Teaching. Our flagship Horizons programme for undergraduates now enrols over half of our undergraduate students, delivering over 40 courses in humanities subjects and global issues and 9 languages over 6 levels.

The CLCC is thus well positioned to help and support Departments in delivering positive outcomes for Imperial's Learning and Teaching Strategy  and to integrate the innovative teaching of Horizons (including expertise found within the Science Communication Unit) within the new curricula of Departments. Over the past few years, several such collaborations have arisen and we aim to formalise, streamline and expand the process going forward.

Case Studies

Mandarin and Japanese for the Royal College of Arts

Teaching languages to Global Innovation Design students

Students team working at a Summer School

Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer School

Horizons staff work with the Faculty of Medicine Summer School

A museum display case

Science Communication for Earth Sciences and Engineering

Catherine Webb's module for ESE undergraduates

Horizons Bespoke offers a framework for CLCC to support Departments in designing and delivering innovative, cross-disciplinary modules addressing the graduate skills shortages identified in the strategy (communication skills; cross-disciplinary work; global challenges perspectives; leadership and team work capabilities, etc.). Horizons Bespoke will enable the co-creation of modules that are discipline-flavoured (thanks to the field-specific expertise found in Departments) but are characterised by the approaches used in and experience garnered from Horizons and the Science Communication Unit. Such modules would run within the normal departmental timetable (and not in the protected Horizons slots) and avoid duplications with Horizons so as not to compete with the Horizons offer.

Please contact us for an exploratory discussion on how the CLCC can best support your teaching and your students' learning. Horizons Bespoke is by nature a flexible framework, and we are always happy to discuss suggestions and help with identifying the best way of working together.