mental-healthAs part of Mental Health Awareness Week Programme organised by Imperial College London (10-16 May 2021), Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre is offering the following workshops to both students and staff. This year the Mental Health Foundation is celebrating a national theme of Nature and Environment. In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak and the repercussions this has had on how we live our lives, connecting with nature and environment is so important for our mental health. 

Practicing kindness to ourselves and to others is a key element of all our meditation programmes. Mindfulness is an invitation to notice and ‘befriend’ our emotions; Buddhism offers  ‘loving kindness meditation’ to all sentient beings including ourselves; and Christian meditation explores loving self and others.

New resource on-line:

Title:  Walking meditation to do in your own time

Description: A recording of a walking meditation that can be downloaded or listen to on our Soundcloud account, while they walk in nature. You can tell us how it went through our social media accounts (Twitter @Chaplaincy_IC and Instagram @imperialchaplaincy).

Access detailsLink on Soundcloud available

Special Events:

Monday 10th May

Title:  Student Counselling Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Description: Do you want to learn a way to increase self-awareness & resilience? Improve your working memory? Improve sleep? Reduce anxiety & depression? Research studies indicate that Mindfulness does all of this and more. Come along and try it out at this experiential online workshop.

Date and time: 4-6pm

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Tuesday 11th May

Title:  Green Fingers Give Away and Social Media Campaign

Description: We are giving away house plant cuttings or seedlings. So, if you are onsite in South Kensington come by to collect a cutting to take home and nurture.
You can share photos of the plants that give you joy on social media, whether on your windowsill, garden or local park #GreenFingers 
Date and time: Cutting give away collection Tuesday 11th May 14:30-15:30

Access details: In-person with all safety measures in place. Just turn up in the Chaplaincy doorway at 15 Prince’s Gardens and one of our chaplains will give you a little green friend for you to take care of.

Adapted events:

Monday 10th May

Title: Meditation ‘Walking gently and humbly’

Description: a meditation on how we can ‘walk’ gently in the three realms of nature, with others and with ourselves, inspired by Christian tradition.

Date and Time: Monday 10th at 13:05-13:40 Online

Registration detailsOn Zoom


Tuesday 11th May

Title: Mindful movement and meditation inspired by nature

Description: online guided mindfulness meditations inspired by movements in the natural world that can be done sitting and standing.

Date and time: Tuesday 11th at 13:05-13:50 Online

Registration detailsOn Zoom


Friday 14th May

Title:  Meditation with visualisations from the natural world.

Description: this meditation uses tree images, traditional in Buddhism, to help us be personally grounded and aware of our continual participation in the natural world.

Date and time: Friday 14th at 13:05-13:50 Online

Registration detailsOn Zoom


Friday 28th May

Title: Time to Remember

Description: a short time to remember those we have known and loved who have died over the past months, as well to pause to remember all those whose deaths we have seen reported day by day during the pandemic.

Date and time: Friday 28th May 12.30-12.50

Registration detailsA time to remember