Mental Health Awareness Week

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 - 09 to 15 May

Loneliness & Society 5.0

This presentation was delivered on 12 May 2022 to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 (MHAW) took place from Monday 9 to Sunday 15 May. The theme chosen by Mental Health Foundation for this year is “loneliness”.

Video: Loneliness & Society 5.0: A public lecture

This presentation was delivered on 12 May 2022 to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.


About this event

Loneliness and social isolation are significant determinants of health and quality of life. People can experience social isolation and loneliness over their lifetime, moving in and out of these states as their circumstances change. However, due to physical distancing measures and travel restrictions during COVID, feelings of loneliness may have increased, negatively impacting public mental health and wellbeing.

Will overuse of technology be a cure or a cause of loneliness? And will virtual realities & feelings of loneliness be a defining feature of 21st-century living and the emerging Society 5.0? Where is this all going?

In this public lecture, we embark on a whistle-stop tour to explore loneliness and social isolation and discuss some of the research currently underway to understand how we can engage with and support individuals who may be lonely and suffering in silence.

In particular, we will discuss how our collaborative work with Local Councils and NHS partners is helping us to develop a ‘heat map’ of loneliness to inform targeted interventions. You can learn more about the Measuring Loneliness (INTERACT) study & complete a brief online survey. The 10 min video segment that discusses the INTERACT study commences at 28min 30s timestamp.

Feedback from participants attending MHAW 2022:

90% of respondents found the MHAW sessions extremely useful
82% are highly likely to apply what they have learned
82% of people reported that the session met their expectations

What participants found most helpful:

  • Practical advice to make positive changes
  • Tips to maintain work-life balance, I will resume my exercise routine!
  • The session helped me think about how to plan activities around my menstrual cycle
  • A great introduction to the aims, theories and practices behind communities of practice
  • Constructive advice on recognising early signs of burn-out and how to tackle it early on. Also reassuring to know that it's on the College's radar
  • Understanding the differences between stress and burnout and how I can recognise those behaviours in my role and those of people I work alongside
  • Really lovely walk in Hyde Park and also be able to talk to colleagues from other departments
  • An excellent opportunity for parents and carers to meet and share experiences and know that they are not alone!