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The Chaplains come from different world faiths and you can find their contact details below:

Ester Anaya Boig - Chaplaincy Assistant & Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. 

Gavin Broder - A former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and Jewish Chaplain to all the universities in London for the past fifteen years. 

Hogetsu Baerndal - Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, Yoga teacher and Buddhist Chaplain, runs weekly meditation at the Chaplaincy. 

Javid Djalili - Javid Djalili is the Bahá'í Chaplain to Imperial. He has experience of interfaith work in schools and in the City of Westminster.

Karuna Priya - Chaplain and Buddhist Faith-Advisor, offers weekly Buddhist Meditation at the Chaplaincy. 

Michael Holman - Catholic Chaplain and acting superior at London Jesuit Community, facilitates weekly Wednesday lunchtime Catholic Mass.

Sachi Patel - Hindu Chaplain and operated as a mentor and teacher for Hindu students and communities for over 15 years. 

Andrew Willson - College Chaplain, Church of England priest and Christian Meditation teacher. 


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