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Mindfulness is a secular practice that help us to

  • be present in each moment
  • give attention to our thoughts, feelings and sensations
  • learn to work gently and positively with our self-critical voice

Mindfulness helps us to become more aware of how we feel and how we perceive what's happening.  This can help to reduce feelings of

  • being stressed or overwhelmed
  • struggling to concentrate
  • feeling like a failure

Mindfulness can help you to stay calm, focused and better manage the pressures of life. Everyone can benefit from and enjoy Mindfulness.

How to practice Mindfulness

We use simple meditation techniques like focusing on the breath to learn to pay attention to the present moment. Through Mindfulness, you practise the ability to accept that thoughts and feelings are not permanent but come and go. This can help us disengage from worry and detrimental negative thinking.

You can practise Mindfulness anywhere – on your own, through group sessions, or courses.


If you want to deepen your mindfulness practice and want to share with others, the Chaplaincy runs a Meditation Teacher Training programme. The next course starts from Jan 2023. Please check details below.


What is Mindfulness

Hogetsu Baerndal shares her journey into meditation

Hi, I coordinate our Mindfulness programmes at the Multi-Faith Centre Chaplaincy. I have been a member of the chaplaincy team since 2013. I offer one to one mindfulness-based coaching, supporting students and staff in finding ways to deal with anxiety, stress and other challenging experiences. I lead the Mindfulness drop-in lunch meditations sessions on Tuesdays and the Zen inspired meditation sessions on Wednesday evenings.  Throughout the year I run 5-week courses in ‘Mindfulness & Meditation for Health and Wellbeing’ and an 8-week course ‘Mindfulness & Meditation for Insight - introduction into Zen’.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to the UK in 2008. I have also lived for some years in Germany where I studied for an MA in fine arts and industrial design. I have worked as artist and photographer for over 30 years. Most of my life I have been traveling and found inspiration in meeting people from a large variety of cultural backgrounds. I love the international atmosphere at Imperial.  

My meditation path started at the age of 14 with just a book. I searched for many years for the right Zen teacher and a tradition which really speaks to my heart. I found my ‘Zen home’ in Zenways  Add link in 2009.  Currently, I am continuing my studies to become a Zen teacher. I love combining my experience in arts, craft and creativity with Mindfulness. On our one-day retreats we explore a creative mindful technique in addition to the formal Mindfulness practice.

I am a certified mindfulness & meditation teacher (CMT 400hrs) and yoga teacher (CYT 200hrs) with Zenways, as well as a trained Buddhist chaplain. I recently qualified to train future meditation teachers which I plan to offer annually in collaboration with the chaplaincy. Further I am accredited facilitator with the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom. I offer mindfulness-based courses where we explore mindfulness in daily life.

You can explore these courses and programmes that I offer at the Chaplaincy and I look forward to connecting with you.

Next to English I am also fluent in Swedish and German, and you are welcomed to speak with me in these languages if you feel you communicate more easily in your mother tongue.

Hogetsu Baerndal


Our Mindfulness programmes are led by Hogetsu Baerndal, Chaplain and Mindfulness teacher.  

If you like to arrange a one-to-one conversation, please contact Hogetsu Baerndal.

Over the years the positive effects of meditation and mindfulness have been more and more proven by international scientific research. The daily practice of meditation and mindfulness will improve your well-being and physical and mental health. It will help you to become more stress-resistant and able to deal in a healthier way with the daily challenges of modern, hectic life.

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Days and Time

  • Mondays 12:00-13:00 during term time
  • Tuesdays 13:00-14:00 during term time
  • Wednesdays, 18:00-19:00 during term time
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15 Prince's Gardens
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Where to find us

Here are some recorded meditations to practice on your own time:


Starting January 2023:

Non-residential Meditation Teacher Training
at the ICL Multi-Faith Centre Chaplaincy in collaboration with Zenways


21/22 Jan
18/19 Feb
18/19 March
6/7 May

The Chaplaincy has great news: This year's mediation teacher training has been very successful. The Chaplaincy is happy to inform you that we again, in collaboration with Zenways, will be offering the non-residential 100 hour Meditation Teacher Training in 2023 taking place on weekends ones a month at the Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre starting in January 2023.

For detailed information please follow this link:
Please sign up for the training directly through the Zenways website.

The Chaplaincy offers either one 50% (price reduction) bursary or two 25% (price reduction) bursaries to Imperial students and staff. If you would like to apply for the bursary please send your application to: Hogets: h.baerndal@imperial.ac.uk (booking please directly with Zenways!!) Deadline for the application December 19th.
Please let us know what motivates you and why you believe you are the right person to receive a bursary. 

What people say about the training:

"I completed the MMTT in 2021 and was taught by Hogets. The whole experience was so powerful, many elements blended together making the experience really special. The course content was very insightful, Hogets was a very warming, patient and attentive teacher! The students I trained with were like minded individuals and we thoroughly enjoyed learning together and spending full weekends in each other's presence. Infact, we still keep in contact. Zenways provides support to newly qualified teachers via there member forum which is really helpful when you're starting out on your teaching journey. To summarise, I would highly recommend the Zenways course. I hope you have the chance to gain the insight that I did and to deepen your own meditation practice! Going through the course myself was something I will never forget, it benefited me largely! Good luck and enjoy!"


"Before taking this course I had done two or three others with Hogets which provided a good foundation, this teacher training course has been genuinely life changing and will impact the way that I see the world and my presence in it. This is a practice that can fundamentally change your life as well as your interactions with others and so can have a huge positive impact! I can’t recommend it enough."