Room booking

Check room availability to see 'What's On Today'


Steps to become a room booker for a club/ society/ group

1. Register as a room booker for a group

Please visit our Sharepoint here and register as a room booker via the link on the site

2. Make an appointment for an induction tour

Please email the Chaplaincy with 3 preferred dates and timing so that we can meet and know your needs. This would enable us to support you better.

3. Access granted to book rooms

Please click here for instructions to use the room booking system.

Please login with your College ID to check room bookings.

We welcome students and staff to use the Centre for personal meditation, prayers or to find a moment of calm. Groups and individuals can register to be able to book rooms. Please follow the College guidelines when visiting the Centre. 
The Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre offers hospitality to members of the College from a wide range of world views and beliefs.  Rooms are available for group or invidual bookings. Please enjoy the space but we request that you respect the needs and beliefs of other users, in accordance with the College's Prayer Rooms and Faith-Related Facilities Policy.


Rooms are available for use from 07.00 to 22.00 every day (09.00 to 22.00 on weekends)

All members of the College have automatic swipe card access to the Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre from 9am until 8pm.

To use the rooms outside these hours (from 07.00 and 22.00), please request for extended swipe access after you have registered with us.

Student from the RCA and the RCM who wish to use the rooms can be granted swipe card access at a £5 deposit.

  • Room requests should submitted at least 24 hours ahead, and no later than 16.00 if the room required is for the next day.
  • If the room required falls on a Monday, please make a booking request before Friday 16.00.
  • You may use the room if it's unbooked, but please be prepared to share with other users who may wish to use the room as well.
  • Confirmation of the booking will be updated on the College's Sharepoint system and an email will be sent to your College email address.
  • Please be considerate and clean up the room after you have used them.
  • You may change the layouts of rooms to suit your event but please leave them as you found them.
  • Notify the Chaplaincy office by email of any issues with the rooms.