What is Chaplaincy

We support the spiritual and personal well-being of students and staff. The Chaplaincy is here for you whether you have a religious or a philosophical take on the world. We see spirituality, faith and meaning as key sources of inspiration and motivation for personal development, learning, and research.  We are a team of Chaplains working together from different faith and philosophical traditions.  Find out more about each of the Chaplains. 

What we do 

  • We have meditation and well-being programmes in a range of religious and non- religious traditions. 

  • We give you space to talk in confidence and be heard. 

  • We help you reflect about issues arising in your studies or research. 

  •  We have spaces for to you find calm in your busy dayfor your meditation practice or daily prayers. 

  • We use coaching style conversations for personal and spiritual development, and for learning about meditation. 

  • We work with student and staff groups to encourage dialogue between religions.  

  • You can use the Centre for your group activities to build and deepen connections. 

  • In our social media we celebrate and explain the festivals and religious practices that are important to people in our community.