Our mission statement and vision

Our mission

To deliver world-leading research, education, leadership and inspiration in chemical engineering and its transformational application to industry and healthcare.

Our vision

To be recognised by academia and industry worldwide as the leading European Chemical Engineering Department and in the top three globally.

Our departmental aims

The Department of Chemical Engineering’s mission is to make the world a better place through research and education, in line with the overall College strategy. We strive to deliver world-leading research, education and leadership in chemical engineering and its transformational application to industry and healthcare.

We will have realised our vision if we have achieve the following aims:   

  • Strong external recognition
  • Excellent teaching and student experience
  • Research quality, originality and leadership
  • World-leading staff and resources
  • Lifelong engagement with alumni
  • External influence

Departmental goals, aims and values

Our goal

We aim to have and to nurture...

  • The best students
  • The best staff
  • The best research
  • The best teaching 
  • The best environment 

... and with these lead innovation in chemical engineering fundamentals and practice, and make transformational societal impacts.

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Our values

Our underlying values:

  • Excellence in all we do 
  • Passionate about creating chemical engineering of the future
  • Pride in our department and our achievements
  • Sense of community
  • Caring for all members of our community
  • Commitment to our mission 

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Leadership behaviours

To achieve our strategic aims, we will develop our leadership behaviours:

  • Live the values 
  • Set direction and inspire
  • Develop people and maximise potential 
  • Motivate and encourage high performance 
  • Collaborate across boundaries
  • Communicate honestly and clearly
  • Build effective relationships