The PhD Research Symposium was established in 2006 as an opportunity for final year PhD students to present their work to students and staff in the Department. Since 2007, the symposium has been opened by a distinguished guest lecture and attended by representatives from industry. 

In addition to the oral presentations, all PhD students have the opportunity to present posters on their research. Prizes are awarded by a panel of academic and industrial representatives and all PhD students have the opportunity to vote for the most popular presentations.

Symposium Accord

PhD symposium 2019

Chemical Engineering PhD Symposium 2019


Distinguished guest lecture

Professor Claire S. Adjiman FREng,  Imperial College London - An Engineering Mindset for Life

PhD presentations

Cristian Ricardo Constante Amores - 3D Direct Numerical Simulation in turbulent liquid jets: physical mechanisms for droplet formation
Francisco Malaret - Separation processes based on Ionic Liquids: From the lab to industrial realities
Janet Skitt - Biomass to Liquids via Fischer Tropsch Synthesis, Safely Creating Synthetic Fuels
Martin Kessler - Mechanocatalytic Depolymerization of (ligno)cellulosic Biomass: A Kinematic Modeling Approach
Sakhr Alhuthali - Constrained optimisation of cell culture feeding strategy and temperature shift duration to enhance monoclonal antibody titre and purity
Arnold Duralliu - The Influence of Water and Temperature on the Long Term Storage Stability of Freeze-Dried Biologics
Shiladitya Ghosh - Design and Techno-Economic Analysis of a Fluidized Bed-Based Cao/Ca(OH)2 Thermochemical Energy Combined Storage/Discharge Plant with Concentrated Solar Power
Federico Lozano Santamaria - Online optimal cleaning scheduling and control of heat exchanger networks under fouling
Humera Ansari - Enhanced Recovery and CO2 Storage in Shale
Philipp Schlee - From Waste to Wealth: From Kraft lignin to Flexible Energy Storage

PhD Symposium 2018

Distinguished guest lecture

Professor Stephen Richardson FREng, CBE, Imperial College London - My Life at IC

PhD presentations

Rui Yan Lee - Sand Agglomeration in Oil & Gas Reservoirs using Polymers

Takeshi Kurotori - Measuring, Imaging and Modelling Solute Transport in Reservoir Rocks

Jonathan Bosch - Geospatially resolved levelised cost of electricity for global offshore wind energy potentials

Isaac Holmes-Gentle - Photo-electrochemical engineering of solar fuel devices: the challenges of scale up

Nick Farandos - Inkjet Printing for Solid Oxide Electrochemical Reactors

Mario Calado - Fast Hydrolysis of Woody Biomass

Claudio Chesi - Lignin-first biorefining for lignocellulose deconstruction into high-quality pulps and depolymerised lignin oils

Raul Calvo-Serrano - Advances in sustainability assessment for the production of chemicals

Marco Adamo - Molecular engineering of complex fluids with microfluidics and neutrons

Angus Crake - Bifunctional materials for CO2 adsorption and photocatalytic CO2 conversion

Michal Kopytynski - A platform technology for intracellular delivery of various macromolecules using a pH-responsive, biomimetic polymer

Michail Klontzas - Metabolism-Driven Stem Cell Bioprocessing: Producing High Quality Bone Grafts

Govind Menon - Spatial organization and Modularity of pathways in cellular and cell-free environments - Modelling, Analysis, and Design principles

Selene Pirola - Aortic Haemodynamics Following Valve Replacement: A Combined Imaging and Computational Study


PhD Symposium 2017


Distinguished guest lecture

Professor Liangfeng Zhang, University of California, San Diego:
“Engineering biomimetic nanoparticles for drug delivery, detoxification and vaccination”

PhD presentations

Mark Allenby - Engineering a marrow-mimetic environment for human blood production

Claudia Menichini - Patient-specific prediction of false lumen thrombosis in Type B aortic dissection

Roberto Ibarra Hernandez - Flow structures in liquid-liquid pipe-flows using laser-based diagnostic techniques

Sofia Marchesini - Building an adsorbent platform using boron nitride: insights into pore network design and impact on sorption 

Hao Bian - Raman-imaged CO2-CH4 hydrate exchange

Lorena dos Santos de Souza - Phase behaviour of (CO2 + diluents) mixtures relevant to CCS and flue-gas applications

Eftychios Hadjittofis - Crystallisation of Macroscopic Hydrates and Investigation of Their Drying Behaviour

Alessandra Vichi - Chemical imaging of cultural heritage objects at the micro-scale: novel applications to study polymer degradation

Jeng Yi Chong - Into the transport mechanism in graphene oxide membranes

Shiqi Wang - Synthesis and Characterisation of Smart Amino Acid-Based Polymeric Materials for Drug Delivery

Christiana Udoh - Assembly of polymer-nanoparticle capsules with tuneable shape, internal morphology and pulsed release via osmotic extraction and kinetic arrest

Gonzalo Bustos Turu - Integrated modelling for smart and sustainable urban energy systems 

PhD Symposium 2016

Distinguished guest lecture

Opening Lecture by Joaquim M. S. Cabral, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
“Bioprocess engineering strategies for stem cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine”

PhD presentations

Sarah Hedberg - Mapping the Aggregation Behaviour of Biopharmaceuticals: A New Approach

Maria Papathanasiou - Towards Continuous Biomanufacturing: through the prism of computational tools

Cher Hui Goey - Cascading effects in bioprocessing: The impact of cell culture environment on mammalian cell behaviour and host cell protein species

Andris Piebalgs - Development of a multiscale model to investigate the dissolution of clots in patient-specific geometries during thrombolytic therapy 

Aikaterini Diamanti - Towards the Design of Optimal Reaction Conditions: Predicting Temperature and Solvent Effects

Richard Oberdieck - Advances in Multi-parametric Optimization and Control

Claudio Calabrese - Viscosity and Density of Synthetic Reservoir Fluids with Dissolved CO2 for CCS Applications

Joseph Yao - Rate Kinetics of CO2 Capture with a Natural CaO-based sorbent in a Pressurised Fluidised Bed Reactor

Florence Gschwend - Decontamination of Metal Treated Wood Waste and its Application in Biorefining Using Ultra-Low Cost Ionic Liquids (UCILs)

Franky Bedoya-Lora - Solar Energy-Driven Hydrogen Production and Sulfide Oxidation by Photo-Electrolysis

Izzati Mohd Noor - Using Results from Electrical Power Contingency Analysis Studies to Develop Strategies for Flexible Electrical Operation in Process Plants

Zhiwei Jiang - Membrane Fabrication and Membrane Fouling for Low Salinity Water Reverse Osmosis

Marie Bachelet - Hybrid biomimetic gold nanoparticles for cytoplasmic delivery enhancement

Manuela Nania - Fabrication of soft functional surfaces via wrinkling


PhD Symposium 2015


Distinguished guest lecture

Professor Jayanti Sreenivas, IIT Madras -  Shape Optimization of Fluid Flow Ducting Using a Shape Function, a Search Model and CFD: Some Early Results

PhD presentations

Emilio Diaz Bejarano - Beyond fouling factors: a reaction engineering approach to crude oil fouling modelling

Andreas Nold - The moving contact line: What can we know?

Ruien Hu - Rheology and Phase Behaviour of Carbon Dioxide and Crude Oil Mixtures

Daniel Ross - Molecular Dynamics and Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Slip on Curved Surfaces 

Giulia Ferretti - Model antiperspirant phase behaviour and film drying kinetic

Dionysis Xenos - Optimal operation of compressors in systems with large energy consumption 

Andreas Nikolaou - Scaling-up Microalgae Production Systems: Inferring Biomass Productivity in Raceway Ponds using First-Principles Models

Maria Fuentes Gari - ChemoApp: Modelling-based Precision Chemotherapy for Leukaemia

Harkamaljot Kandail - Computational Analysis of Haemodynamic Efficiency of Novel Stent-Graft Designs for Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

João Da Silva Burgal - One tough membrane - poly(ether-ether-ketone) for organic solvent nanofiltration in extreme conditions

Vincent Poulichet - Particle-coated microbubbles for targeted drug delivery

Andrew Ewing - Aiding Pharmaceutical Formulation Design: ATR-FTIR Spectroscopic Imaging for Drug Release Studies