The Department of Chemical Engineering has a thriving and talented postdoctoral staff community who are vital to our ability to deliver world class research and teaching. We value their contributions immensely and, along with providing professional opportunities, we ensure they are involved in all levels of key decision making through feedback initiatives and by inviting them to serve on departmental committees.


Postdoctoral staff are invited to department social events such as the monthly all staff mixers and summer barbeque, as well as postdoctoral-only networking and social events. These are organised by the Postdoc Committee who have a dedicated budget with which they provide opportunities for professional development, networking and fun.

Postdoc events include Spotlight, where researchers present their work followed by a social with food and drink, and the Career Development Seminar series. Previous topics have included:

  • Top tips to communicate your research to non-specialists in the contemporary world
  • Transition from research dependence to independence
  • Building the foundation to a successful Career

Invites to events are often sent by email or via the Departmental Bulletin.

Postdoc Symposium

They also organise and host the annual Postdoc Symposium which provides an opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to showcase their research and where the Sir William Wakeham Award is presented. The Wakeham Award recognises early career researchers who have made a significant contribution to their research field and have advanced their professional development, and has a £2000 prize associated with it.

Current postdoctoral staff should visit the Intranet for further information including training, development, events and socials.


Postdoc committee

  • Humera Ansari

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    Humera Ansari Chair of the Postdoc Committee Other roles: Postdoc Committee chair, PFDC rep, EDCC member


    As the committee chair, my aim is to provide support for the postdocs in the department, ensure that we consistently deliver a beneficial programme of events, and build an engaged postdoc community. My research is focused on adsorption studies for carbon capture and storage.

  • Dr Othman AlMusaimi

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    Dr Othman AlMusaimi Spotlight and Career Development Seminar series organiser


    I'm a Research Associate at the Department of Chemical Engineering, under the supervision of Professor Daryl Williams. My research interests focus on developing synthetic, separation and purification methodologies for therapeutic peptide entities.

  • Dr Lucia Lombardi

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    Dr Lucia Lombardi Spotlight and Career Development Seminar series organiser


    My research interests focus on determining the solution aggregation propensity of peptide formulations, chemical stability of peptide formulations in simulated GI tract fluids and chromatographic determination of permeability and solubility performance of peptide formulations.

  • Pedro Verdía Barbará

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    Pedro Verdía Barbará


    I am a PhD student in organic synthesis, with wide experience working with ionic liquids in different applications. My current research at the Hallett’s group is focused on the production of added value materials and chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass using ionic liquids as pretreatment media as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the current methods employed in the paper and pulp industries.   I am also a post-doc representative at the safety committee of the Chemical Engineering Department.

  • Giulia Tarantino

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    Giulia Tarantino


    My research lies at the interface between catalysis and spectroscopy. As a member of the postdoc committee, I help with the organisation of events which are aimed at promoting interaction and collaboration amongst postdocs in the College.

  • Dr Yubing Hu

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    Personal details

    Dr Yubing Hu Safety Rep and Research Associate


    I am a Research Associate and Assistant Supervisor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. I am a chemical engineer with expertise in organic synthesis, functional polymer materials, optical sensing and health-oriented engineering. I received a bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University in 2016 and earned a Ph.D. degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2020. My current research aims to develop a variety of optical biosensors for wearable diagnostic devices. At Chem Eng Postdoc Committee, I serve as an assistant for the establishment of “Career Development Seminar Series” that aims to develop professional skills of the Research Staff at the department.

  • Dr Yuval Elani

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    Dr Yuval Elani Postdoc Champion, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Lecturer


    I keep in regular contact with the PFDC reps to ensure that postdocs have a voice at the Departmental and Faculty level and assist with organising relevant events. Additionally, I can provide advice on available development training and support. 

  • Professor Joao Cabral

    Professor Joao Cabral

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    Professor Joao Cabral Chair of Athena SWAN Committee and Professor of Soft Matter


    My research interests lie in the area of biotechnology, with particular focus on the application of systems engineering principles to bioprocessing.

  • Sneha Saunders

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    Sneha Saunders Administration Manager and Staffing Coordinator


    I am the key contact for postdoctoral research staff in relation to contracts, welfare, probation, visas, appraisals and ongoing advice and support. I also work with the PFDC Reps and the PFDC to organise events and develop strategies to support research staff.

  • Dr Pavani Cherukupally

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    Dr Pavani Cherukupally


    Dr. Pavani Cherukupally is a mechanical engineer with expertise in materials engineering, chemical process design, and organic-inorganic-bio imaging. S he serves as the Research Committee Chair, Postdoc Representative at the Faculty Research Committee and Rewards and Recognition Committee. She initiated and is chair of the “Career Development Seminar Series” that aims to develop professional skills of the Research Staff at the department.