Stretching over four floors, the carbon capture pilot plant is at the centre of the Chemical Engineering Department, providing a fully hands-on discovery experience for students and researchers alike. It's the only facility in the world where undergraduate students are able to learn to operate the plant and as such attracts students and summer school cohorts from across the globe.

Built to the highest industrial standards, our plant is a core part of the training we provide to all of our young chemical engineers, typifying many of the features that graduates will encounter in the ‘real world’, and giving them skills that will be essential in their future careers.

Our futuristic carbon capture pilot plant is also a vital resource in the fight against climate change, demonstrating best practice in capturing and storing harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) before it can be released into the atmosphere.

We actively encourage leading industrial organisations to use our facility for research purposes, with the hope that one day the technology will be adopted on a much larger scale at power stations across the world, capturing CO2 emissions before they harm the planet.