Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets every two months and contains representation from our students and all staff job families. As EDI Co-Directors, Nazila, Francesco, James, and Ingrid also sit on the Department Management Committee to ensure diversity and inclusion are at the heart of all departmental decision making.

The minutes from our EDI Committee meetings can be found on our Intranet (accessible to members of the department only).

Committee members

Nazila Kamaly

I am currently a senior lecturer and also one of the EDI co-directors in the Chemistry Department. I plan to continue strategies that ensure EDI is a major focus of all our activities within the department and to strive to change practices and structures that present inequality and discrimination, and to ensure that everyone is heard by promoting diversity and valuing individual differences openly and broadly. As a mother and female academic, I aim to improve the number of women who study science, and in particular chemistry at all levels.

Francesco Aprile

I am a lecturer and co-director of the EDI committee for the Chemistry Department. I am committed to contributing to maintaining an inclusive and respectful environment for all staff and students within our department. As a first-generation university student, I strive to widen access to higher education.

James Wilton-Ely

I am a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and a Co-Director of EDI for Chemistry. Previously, I was Director of MRes Studies and then Director of Postgraduate Studies and these roles have allowed me to make a contribution to improving the environment for students in the Department. I am delighted to now focus specifically on helping make the Department an even more welcoming and supportive environment for everyone in our community. With this aim in mind, I am working towards improving access and support for under-represented groups in Chemistry.

Ingrid Kedissa

I am an EDI Co-Director and Executive Assistant to the Head of Department. I oversee the Department’s EDI administration, staff training and events, and support student and staff access to the nursing and prayer rooms at MSRH. I am based in G04 at MSRH.

Mark Chadwick Chemistry EDI Committee

Mark Chadwick

I am a research fellow in Chemistry. I joined the EDI committee in order to help the department be as welcoming and inclusive a place as possible, so everyone who works and studies at Imperial Chemistry feels that they belong here.

Oscar Ces

Oscar Ces

I am Head of the Chemistry Department and a Professor in Chemical Biology. I am extremely proud of the great strides the Department has made with respect to EDI and ensuring we provide a welcoming and supportive environment for our community. I am very committed to ensuring we do everything we can to maintain the special environment we have in Chemistry as well as continuing to address new challenges and opportunities.

Emma Pallett

I am the Manager of the CDT in Chemical Biology. I was immediately attracted to becoming a member of the Department of Chemistry’s EDI committee; the Department is hugely progressive in supporting all of its staff, championing initiatives on a wide range of issues and seeking to ensure that we attract the best staff and students from a diverse range of backgrounds. I am grateful to be a part of the Department of Chemistry’s EDI committee, to lend my voice to these important issues and to support the Department where I can through the ICB EPSRC CDT.

Mike Ray

Mike Ray

I am the Head of Research Student Training in the Department. I am very proud to be a part of the EDI committee in the Department of Chemistry. I feel very strongly that we all need to be doing more to encourage diversity in the department and across the college as well as supporting both staff and students to achieve their goals and to do so in a caring and creative environment.

Erika Rosivatz

Erika Rosivatz

As Departmental Operations Manager, I am responsible for the implementation of policies in the Department. Being on the committee is an opportunity to shape those and help achieve the objectives of the committee.

Gigi Qian

I am an UG student in the Department of Chemistry. For the past three years, I have been running charitable organizations bridging conversation across culture and reducing educational inequality. I have witnessed the transformative power of EDI on individuals and communities. I am eager to contribute my passion, experience, and commitment to the committee's mission of ensuring fairness, eliminating discrimination, and championing equal opportunities for all our department's students.

Raj Sandhu

Raj Sandhu

I am the Undergraduate Education Manager in the Department and have worked in the area of admissions for over 10 years. I have recently taken on an increased role in Outreach and am really keen to diversify our admissions recruitment. I am excited to contribute to the EDI committee and am looking forward to the positive changes we can bring to the Department.

Ravi Singh Chemistry EDI Committee

Ravi Singh

I am a teaching fellow within the department which involves teaching at the undergraduate level. I am also part of our outreach team; this gives me the amazing opportunity to inspire the future generation of scientists.

I am delighted to be part of the committee to ensure that we engage schools in the local area and raise awareness of widening participation. With this, I hope to showcase our welcoming departmental community to those considering higher education here.

Committee members

Charlotte Sutherell Chemistry EDI Committee

Charlotte Sutherell

I am a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Department and am currently the Departmental Disabilities Officer. I am delighted to be part of the EDI committee, and particularly focus on embedding inclusive practice in our teaching and in our working environment.  

Louise Walport Chemistry EDI Committee

Louise Walport

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and a Group Leader at The Francis Crick Institute. Over the last few years I’ve seen from the outside the excellent initiatives the EDI committee has been driving to make Imperial Chemistry an equitable and inclusive place to work. There is always more work to be done, however, and I’m excited now to be able to contribute to the committee’s efforts to ensure that everyone in our diverse community feels welcome and supported so they can thrive.



I am a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry. As a member of IntoUniversity from a young age, I know the importance of social mobility organisations in providing opportunities to students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. I, therefore, joined the committee to provide my insights from my experiences within social mobility organisations to improve EDI within the Chemistry department