In collaboration with our EDI committee, we have a number of working groups in the Department who focus on specific, targeted issues relevant to EDI:


This grouping met over the summer of 2020 and made a series of recommendations on how we can improve our recruitment processes for students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all our applicants and increase the diversity of our talent. The recruitment group was headed by Professor Richard Templer.


In 2020/2021 Dr Erika Rosivatz and Dr Mark Chadwick led a Department wide consultation and review of our student and staff induction processes. As a result, a series of recommendations were made and are in the process of being implemented.

Flexible working and parental leave

Since 2020, Dr Laura Barter has been leading a group looking at improving our flexible working and parental leave support for staff and students. This group has been especially active in ensuring that consideration of those with caring commitments is front and centre of our Department COVID response.