We are aware that our PhD and MRes students are involved in many activities outside their studies that benefit other people both within the Department and in the wider community outside College.

In 2020 we established the David Phillips Prize for Outreach and Community Support. This prize is open to all PhD and MRes students and is awarded each year to students who have made significant contributions to outreach or building community. This could be outreach in the wider community, widening participation, communicating science to children and their families, particularly in less advantaged areas (e.g., around White City) or it could be activities that make a substantial difference to Imperial students. The call usually goes out in May each year and applications should be submitted to chemphd@imperial.ac.uk

Winners of the David Phillips Prize for Outreach and Community Support

Academic Year 2020-21

Exceptional Achievement   

Helena Dodd 

Tamzin Bond 

Mikkaila Mckeever-Willis 


Notable Achievement

Richard Kong 

Diana Tanase 

Leonie Stroemich 

Deepika Yadav 

Cyrille Stephane Kounde 

Academic Year 2021-22

Exceptional Achievement

Melanie Nutter


Notable Achievement

Felix Sheffield

Rachel Healey 

Academic Year 2022-23

Exceptional Achievement


Notable Achievement