This is a prize that is awarded annually to one or more MRes and/or PhD students within the Department of Chemistry adjudged by the department to have produced outstanding work in the field of ‘novel methods for cellular analysis’. Douglas Wylie is a much-respected colleague who undertook novel research in the area of cellular analysis and this prize has been set up to recognise and celebrate his research legacy. The value of the prize will be dependent on the number of awardees in a given year.

Winners of the Dougie Wylie Research Prize

Jointly awarded to;

Dr Ignacio Gispert Contamina - Supervisors: Yuval Elani, Laura Barter & Oscar Ces - Development of stimuli-responsive vesicles as distributed artificial organelles

Dr Vanessa Ho - Supervisors: David Klug, Keith Willison, Louise Donnelly & Peter Barnes - Quantification of microRNA expression in single cells using microfluidics

To Be Confirmed