NMR roomAt present we have 6 spectrometers in operation, all supplied by Bruker. Five of the systems had major updates in 2013 to AvIII HD standard; the sixth is a much older DRX-400. All the systems have multinuclear probes.

  • Three Av-400 spectrometers, each with a “SampleXpress” automatic sample changer, provide an open-access “walk-up” service for trained users only.
  • One 500 MHz spectrometer and two 400 MHz spectrometers are used to provide a service and primarily run longer or more specialised measurements. These spectrometers each have a rather older version of the sample changer.

Potential users of the open-access systems should consult the NMR staff about training. Samples for the service are submitted via room 004: new users should consult the NMR staff for details.

Distribution of data

Data from all these instruments is available via the ICT network. The NMR servers also provide forms for sample submission, the code of practice for open-access users, and various other documentation. The current generation of servers recognizes ICT logins and passwords and is fully compatible with Windows 7. The units in operation are named ch-nmrserv2.ch.ic.ac.uk and ch-nmrserv4.ch.ic.ac.uk. An archive of data is also maintained on a storage system operated by ICT: this is updated every hour at present. This archive can be accessed via a server provided by ICT at icnfs3.cc.ic.ac.uk\ch-nmr using an interface very similar to the servers.

Desktop NMR processing software for PCs

The majority of students and researchers are using the MestReNova product for which we have a campus license: it can be downloaded from ICT Software Shop. We have some licenses for the Bruker Topspin3 software: this is arguably a better product but significantly more difficult to learn. It can be obtained from the same server.

Apple users are not well served: both of these software packages are available for current OS versions but you would have to purchase your own license.

Charging for NMR services

All work is charged for on the basis of the machine time used: we charge at the same rate for each instrument. The hourly charges are as follows:

  • External users should contact Clustermarket
  • Chemistry Department users (FEC grants) £5
  • Other Imperial College users £5


Peter Haycock - NMR Spectroscopist