Ed McCannEd spent 12 years working with Binnie & Partners on water engineering projects all over the world and 2 years in Mexico studying for a Masters in Hydraulic Engineering. He joined Expedition Engineering in 2002, helping to lead its development from back bedroom start-up to Engineering Consultant of the Year 2011. Ed was Expedition’s Project Director for the 2012 Olympic Velodrome and the highly acclaimed Infinity Bridge.

Ed and the other owners of Expedition set up the Useful Simple Trust (an employee benefit trust) in 2009 and gave Expedition to its staff. The UST has developed as a multi-niche organisation providing a number of services ranging from the design of e-learning to wayfinding design and sustainability consultancy. Although still involved with Expedition, Ed now mainly looks after the other start-up enterprises within the UST. Among other things Ed was recently responsible for developing the Rio 2016 sustainable water engineering strategies.

He is a Fellow, Trustee and Executive Board Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and chairs their Best Practice Panel. Ed is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Innovation at University College London. He has also appeared on some 35 television documentaries about engineering and apparently has a fan in Japan!