Individual Research Project

Module aims

In this module you will undertake a specific piece of independent research in the form of a critical review, laboratory- or field-based experimental investigation, modelling/numerical analysis project, or a design-related project. You will learn to formulate a research question, demonstrate technical understanding of the field of engineering around this question and apply research methods appropriate for the research objective.ÿ Furthermore, you will demonstrate your ability to communicate the results to a wider audience by means of a written paper, oral presentation and poster.

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing this course unit, students should have: A unique contribution to an area of research interest. Originality/creativity, critical analysis, investigation and understanding. Effective communication, writing and presentation skills. Skills in project and time management as well as management of expectations in delivery. The ability to defend research outputs though a poster and oral presentation (which may also include a viva voce examination).


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Module leaders

Professor Sue Grimes