Mental health and wellbeing in the climate emergency

Climate Cares is a team of researchers, designers, policy experts and educators working to understand and support mental health in the current climate and ecological crises. 

"Climate change is an underappreciated mental health emergency. This is a technical, social, and emotional issue." 

Professor Sir David Nabarro, IGHI Co-Director

What we do

We enable people, communities and systems to have both the emotional resilience and transformative potential to cope with the climate emergency and take meaningful climate action. We work collectively for a better climate future that benefits mental health and wellbeing. 

Our mission is to equip individuals, communities and systems with the knowledge and resources to protect mental health from climate impacts, while enabling climate action that strengthens the conditions for good mental health and wellbeing.  

We achieve our vision through four pillars of our work: Research, Policy and Implementation, Education and Awareness, Intervention Design 

Achieving our vision - pillars

Person holds report_IGHI branding


Generate research and strengthen the evidence base on climate change and mental health

illustration of person holding phone with climate action messaging

Policy and Implementation

Translate research into policy and implementation

Two copies of a journal with profile of a head, with picture of Earth in it

Education and Awareness

Develop toolkits

Two booklets for IGHI's Climate Cares work, with branding

Intervention Design

Develop, identify and scale-up effective interventions