ICTU is divided into sections, with oversight from the Executive Committee team.

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Senior Management

Executive Committee team

The ICTU Executive Committee team consists of the Director, Deputy Director and Heads of Sections. 


Departmental Administration

The departmental administration team works across the UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit, as well as the wider department.

  • Lauren Noto (Departmental Manager)
  • Nicola Carter (Administrator)
  • Angela Knight (Administrator)
  • Rani Rayat (PA to Professor Neil Poulter)
  • Krupa Shukla (SAS Administrator and Course Tutor)


Commercial Operations

Head of Section

  • Professor Kosh Ray (Head of Commercial Operations)

Commercial Team

  • Gaia Kiru (Commercial Operations Manager)
  • Jennifer Murphy (Deputy Commercial Operations Manager)
  • Claire Brennan (Clinical Trial Manager)
  • Felicia Frost (Clinical Trial Administrator)
  • Natalia Olejniczak (Clinical Trial Monitor)
  • Jess Smith (Clinical Trial Monitor)
  • Sima Toopchiani (Clinical Trial Monitor)
  • Carla Zito (Business Development Manager, Commercial Portfolio)

Clinical Data Systems

Clinical Data Systems

Head of Section
Data Manager
  • Vivienne Okona-Mensah (Senior Data Manager)
Validation and Test Team
  • Francesco Lala (Validation and Test Team Lead)
  • Dinesh Sivakumar (eCRF Test Analyst)
  • Adina Ion (eCRF Test Analyst)
  • Tolulope Sokunle (eCRF Test Analyst)
Production Support Team
  • Nayan Das (Production Support Team Lead)
  • Kayode Disu (Senior Production Support Analyst)
  • Ayse Depsen (EDC Trainer and Production Support Analyst)
Development Team
  • Abinithya Udayakumaran (Development Team Lead)
  • Smita Das (eCRF Designer and Developer)

You can find further information about the Clinical Data Systems team on their webpage.


Academic Operations

Head of Section

Operations managers

  • Dr Claire Smith (Operations & Business Development Manager)
  • Dr Daphne Babalis (Operations Manager)
  • Mrs Mary Cross (Operations Manager)
  • Dr Ana Boshoff (Operations Manager)
  • Mrs Natalia Klimowska-Nassar (Operations Manager, ICTU-Surgery)
  • Philip Badman (CRUK Centre Clinical Trials Operations Manager, Department of Surgery & Cancer)
  • Thiagarajah Sasikaran (Deputy Operations Manager, ICTU-Surgery)
  • Lee Webber (Deputy CRUK Centre Clinical Trials Operations Manager, Department of Surgery & Cancer)

Operational trial staff

The majority of ICTU staff are employed within the School of Public Health. However, some staff are employed through the departments where the main trial teams they work with are based; these instances are noted below.

  • Raqeeb Ajibola (Clinical Trial Monitor)
  • Aisha Anjum (Clinical Trial Manager)
  • Ambreen Ashraf (Clinical Trial Manager)
  • Laura Burgess (Clinical Trial Manager, Department of Surgery & Cancer)
  • Aaron Clarke (Clinical Trials Monitor, Department of Surgery & Cancer)
  • Margarita Durkina (Clinical Trial Manager/ Monitor)
  • Marta Gielniewska (Clinical Trial Monitor)
  • Mariam Habib (Clinical Trial Manager)
  • Milaana Jacob (Clinical Trial Manager/ Monitor)
  • Puja Jadav (Clinical Trial Manager/ Monitor)
  • Rosemary Keshinro (Clinical Trial Manager)
  • Stefan Lewandowski (Trial Coordinator, Department of Surgery & Cancer)
  • Jodi Meyerowitz (Clinical Trial Manager - maternity leave)
  • Marie Miller (Public Involvement Coordinator)
  • Cristina Morrell (Clinical Trials Administrator)
  • Ayushi Pabari (Clinical Trial Coordinator, Department of Surgery & Cancer)
  • Johanna Sukumar (Clinical Trial Manager, Department of Surgery & Cancer)
  • Marta Szajna (Clinical Trial Coordinator, Department of Surgery & Cancer)
  • Genee Tolentino (Clinical Trials Administrator)
  • Iwona Zaczyk (Clinical Trial Manager)

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

  • Eloise Britten (Quality Assurance Manager)
  • Jonathan Dao (Quality Assurance Administrator)


Clinical Trial Statistics

Heads of Section

ICTU Clinical Trial Statistics Team

Statistical Advisory Service

External to the UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit, but part of the wider ICTU department.

  • Joseph Eliahoo (Statistical Consultant)
  • Krupa Shukla (SAS Administrator and Course Tutor)