International Clinical Trials Day

May 20th is International Clinical Trials Day.  This year, to celebrate we have approached a group of engaging individuals that are contributing to clinical trials within the unit and discuss their involvement in clinical trials and a bit about themselves.

International Clinical Trial Day Profiles

  • Memory Sachikonye

    Memory profile

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    Memory Sachikonye Patient Representative


    I am a woman living with HIV for over 20 years. I coordinate the UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB); a network of HIV treatment advocates. The aim of UK-CAB is to grow and sustain a national network of HIV patient advocates who are empowered and skilled to participate in healthcare decisions that affect their lives.  We have a constituent network to represent and report to. We ensure transparency with the wider community. Doctors, researchers and policy makers now actively seek community views from the UK-CAB. I am the patient rep on the POPPY study on HIV and ageing.

    My hobbies include keeping fit mainly by walking, gardening and sewing.


  • Rosemary Keshinro

    Rosemary Profile

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    Rosemary Keshinro Clinical Trial Manager


     I would say I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to experience the day-to-day trial activities and operations across various roles as it has deepened and strengthened my understanding of trial operations. In my role as a trial manager, I oversee the daily activities of a hepatology study which aims to help improve the current diagnostic and prognostic methods for patients with Alcoholic Hepatitis to hopefully in turn improve life expectancy for these individuals. I am quite creative and outside of work I love to write and perform music, it’s a world away from trial management, but I like to think there’s space in the heart for more than one passion!


  • Leila Janani

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    Leila Janani Research Fellow & Clinical Trials Statistician


    As a statistician who works on clinical trials, I try to improve the design, conduct, analysis and reports of clinical trials to provide reliable evidence for people who use the evidence to make decisions about the health of people. Currently, I am working on the TREAT trial, an interesting non-inferiority trial using a Bayesian framework focused on treating Severe paediatric asthma. I am also involved in the COVBOOST trial aimed to establish the reactogenicity and immunogenicity of different booster vaccinations against ancestral and novel variants of SARS-CoV-2. While working on trials, I have little time to do my methodological work, which focuses on using adaptive analysis for late-phase randomised controlled trials in critical care and my Cochrane review.

     Working at ICTU has given me exactly that and I can say that my dreams have come true, where I am doing a job that I really love, and I am learning a lot every single day. In my spare time, I enjoy watching football matches, reading, hanging out with my friends and sometimes cooking! 

  • Euan Sutherland

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    Euan Sutherland Research Nurse


     I am a research nurse working at the Clinical Trials Centre at St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust.  Our team work with Imperial College on HIV and sexual health clinical trials.  This is an amazing role which allows me to help find amazing patients and see if they would like to be part of a drugs trial for a new treatment.  The role of a research nurse in clinical trials is so very varied – my people skills, organisational skills and clinical experience are all utilised in the smooth running of a drugs trial. It’s amazing to coordinate research activity seamlessly between the university and the NHS – using the best of both institutions and our work has real work, tangible benefits to real people. I did not think I was a going to enjoy clinical trials this much 

    When not a work, my husband and I have been foster carers to disabled children for the last 7 years or so and we also have two pampered cats from Battersea.



  • Brian Halliday

    Brian International Clinical Trails Profile

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    Brian Halliday Trial Investigator


    I am a clinical senior lecturer at the National Heart and Lung Institute and an honorary consultant cardiologist at Royal Brompton Hospital. I look after people with heart muscle diseases and would like to find better ways of treating them at different stages of their condition. I am currently working with ICTU on a British Heart Foundation funded clinical trial investigating a new treatment for dilated cardiomyopathy, a common cause of heart failure. Away from work, I try to keep sane by running (I am doing a Half Marathon in 2 weeks to raise money for the hospital charity), taking my dog, Walter for walks, and cooking!