ICTU researchers and the public and patient representatives they work with are enthusiastic about the many benefits PPI brings.

Healthy Start Happy Start

(Preventing enduring behavioural problems in young children through early psychological intervention)

Erin Bibby (HSHS Parent Representative)

Erin Bibby“As a Parent Representative for the HSHS  Study Advisory Group and Trial Steering Committee, I am able to observe a clinical trial in action from its very beginning, through its successes and more importantly over any hurdles it faces.  I have listened, learned, questioned, had my opinion valued and taken a full and active role in the progression of this important trial. A trial that will hopefully change the lives of many families in the future.”


Prof. Paul Ramchandani (HSHS Chief Investigator)

Prof Paul Ramchandani

“We have worked closely with parents and other members of the public throughout this research study, and in a number of different ways. It has made a real difference to the way we have approached things, and to key decisions along the way. I think that this has led to the successful running of the study, and it’s been fun.”


Rachael Ryan (HSHS Research Assistant)

Rachel Ryan

“It has been fantastic to create and work with our HSHS Study Advisory Group. As the trial has developed, so has the influence of the group. We developed their suggestions around recruitment, engagement, communication and how to enhance our participant’s journey. It has been invaluable to this trial.”



(Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Observations in People over Fifty)

Memory Sachikonye (POPPY Patient Representative)

Memory Sachikonye“My experience as patient rep on the POPPY study has benefited my learning about research. I was involved from each stage of the study – from design, recruitment and analysis to production of easy to understand patient information. My role is to bring and take back issues directly from the community. I love seeing my name acknowledged at conferences and presentations.”


Prof.  Alan Winston (POPPY Co-Chief Investigator)

Alan Winston

“The POPPY study is assessing the impact of ageing in people living with HIV in the UK and Ireland. Patient and public involvement has been crucial to the success of the POPPY study in numerous ways. During the design phase of the study protocol, input into concerns people living with HIV have regarding ageing allowed many aspects of ageing to be incorporated into the study design, which may otherwise not have been included in the study procedures. More recently, patient and public involvement has assisted in disseminating findings from the POPPY study to wide audiences in non-scientific terms.”

Laura Burgess (POPPY Clinical Trial Manager)

Laura Burgess“The POPPY study aims to look at ageing in people with and without HIV infection. Patient and public involvement has been key to not only developing patient-friendly information sheets but also to how study information is verbally communicated to participants during recruitment. In order to answer the research question, both people living with HIV and HIV negative volunteers were enrolled. Patient and public input has been vital to developing recruitment strategies and publicising the study through advertising materials such as posters, leaflets, study website and social media as well as ensuring that study results are made accessible.”

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