Fourth Year Regulations

Students will be offered a choice of courses from the approved course list. Students take seven options, each of which is examined either by a written paper or by essay/coursework. The mark of a course assessed by essay/ coursework is considered as the mark of a written examination. Students may study up to two optional courses offered by other departments in the Engineering Faculty, the Imperial College Business School or the Humanities Department. Students must also submit an outsourcing report which is unassessed, and an individual project, and must also give an individual presentation.


Each lecture course has assessed coursework associated with it.
There is also supporting project work which is assessed.

ElementMarks Total Marks
 7 x Courses (80% Exam + 20% Coursework, except C440, C468, C496 and C417 which have 30%
 Coursework, C424, C460 which are 50% coursework and C475 and C322 which have a separate assessment criteria)
 265 x 7  1855
 Individual Project  1545  1545
 Total    3400


Honours Classification (All MEng programmes)

The marks for all components of the four years of the course are aggregated into an overall mark. The class of Honours awarded depends on this overall mark, with the proviso that candidates must have achieved at least 40% overall in Part IV and at least 40% in their individual project.

In addition to these requirements, candidates are normally expected to successfully complete the MEng degree programme in four continuous years.

For each year, the total possible marks are:

Year 1 total 850
Year 2 total 1700
Year 3 total 1700
Year 4 total 3400
Total over 4 years 7650