An Introduction to Law for Computer Scientists

Module aims

 To introduce computing students to some core aspects of the law which impact on the practice of computing.

Learning outcomes

 Students should be able to analyse and understand the terms of software licences, and the key features of contracts. They should understand the impact that data protection law has on computing practice.

Module syllabus

 * Software Copyright

   - Copyright as intellectual property

   - The exclusive rights of copyright holders

   - Exceptions to copyright

   - Software copyright licences

* Contract

   - Agreement

   - Communication

   - Consideration

   - Remedies for breach of contract

   - Liquidated damages and the rule against penalties

* Data protection

  - Data protection principles

  - Personal data

  - Regulated activities

  - The Google case and the right to be forgotten.

* Sources of law

  - Statute

  - Common law

  - European law

Teaching methods

 4 hours of lecture


 A group assignment including case studies covering the major areas of law in the course.

Module leaders

Dr David Ham
Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

Reading list

To be advised - module reading list in Leganto