Industrial Placement COMP (Part 1)

Module aims

In this module, you will work in the industry as a fully-paid employee over an extended period. The placement gives you the opportunity to put into place the technical, professional and team working skills you have learnt on your degree course and to develop those skills in an industrial setting.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will have demonstrated your ability to:
- work effectively as part of an industry team under the guidance of an industrial manager/ mentor
- manage your schedule of work to achieve specified goals correctly and on time
- apply the knowledge and skills gained in the first three years of your degree in an industrial setting
- present the technical work done in your industrial placement in a concise manner to a mixed audience
- exercise scientific writing skills via a succinct report summarising your industrial placement
- reflect on your placement in respect of professional practice and lessons learnt

Module syllabus

There will be a few support lectures explaining the placement administration systems and allowing you to ask questions. During the placement, you will work on several substantial software engineering projects and be treated as part of the development team at the target company.

Teaching methods

This is an independent placement that is undertaken with a company. To ensure that your placements fall within the required remit, all placement opportunities are vetted to ensure that the professional environment and planned work provide adequate opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained in your three years. You will have a manager/ mentor in the company to report to and will be treated as a full-time staff member. Your personal tutor will visit the company and talk to you and your manager/ mentor to ensure the placement runs smoothly.


The assessment is pass/ fail and will not affect your final degree classification. To pass, you'll need to have a) completed the placement satisfactorily and b) produced a short report summarising the work undertaken and reflecting on your experiences concerning professional practice and lessons learned. The assessment will be undertaken by your personal tutor in consultation with one or more representatives from the company and the module leader, as necessary.

Your personal tutor will provide verbal feedback during the placement visit, and they will also provide verbal feedback on your final presentation and report.