BEng/MEng JMC Degree Overview

The JMC (Joint Maths and Computing) degree programme is administered and awarded by the Faculty of Engineering leading to a BEng/MEng honours degree.
(Prior to 2011/2012, the JMC degree was administered by Mathematics and the Faculty of Natural Sciences, leading to a BSc/MSci honours degree.)

All degrees in the programme are academically jointly-run by the Computing and Mathematics departments.

The course structure of our undergraduate degrees is very flexible providing many optional modules. There is also a central spine of engineering project and design work running through all years. A substantial part of the final year is devoted to an individual project allowing detailed study of a topic relevant to the student's chosen specialisation.

BEng - Three Year

MEng - Four Year

All JMC degree programmes lead to the Associate of the City and Guilds Institute (ACGI).

These programmes, offered jointly by the two departments, are designed as mathematical courses oriented towards computing science and are suited to mathematically able students with interests in both subjects. The programmes give a firm foundation in Mathematics, in particular Pure Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Statistics, and cover all the essentials of Computer Science, with an emphasis on developing software and reasoning formally about it, as well as more theoretical topics. The teaching is divided approximately equally between the two Departments.

Students take set modules from each Department in each of the first two years, with some options available in the second year. In each of the third and fourth year students select a total of eight modules from either department to support their particular interests and areas of specialisation. Students are able to switch between JMC degree programmes at any stage during the first year. Note that progress on the 4 year JMC MEng degree programme requires that the student maintains a sufficient performance (2:1 level) throughout the first two years of the degree. As with other MEng degrees in Computing, students may be required to transfer to the 3 year BEng degree if they do not meet this level.

With the spread of computing procedures and mathematical ideas into many areas, there is high demand for professionals who are expert in both computing and mathematics. Graduates in these degree programmes are also well qualified for careers that normally require graduates from one or other of the two disciplines.