As an MSc student, there may be occasions during your course when you suffer from serious and unforeseen circumstances. We have two processes designed to ensure that you are not disadvantaged as a result.

Where an extension for an element of coursework is required, you may apply for this directly to your Year Coordinator. The maximum length of the extension will equal the amount of time you have lost, up to a maximum of two weeks. Please email your Year Coordinator for a copy of the appropriate forms. We encourage you to begin this process as soon as you may be unable to complete the coursework on time. Individual module tutors cannot grant extensions and all requests must go through the Year Coordinators.

Where a longer-term extension is required, where the requests span multiple assessments, or where they involve examinations, you should submit an application through the more formal Mitigating Circumstances process. The completed form and accompanying documentation should be sent to Dr Tim Kimber, the chair of the Department's Mitigating Circumstances Committee for Postgraduate Taught students.

For both extension requests and mitigating circumstances claim, you will be asked to provide supporting evidence. In some cases (such as for a short-term illness) it may be possible for you to self-certify, but please try and collect independent evidence where possible. All evidence must be in English, or accompanied by a certified translation.

If you would like to discuss your claim prior to submission, please contact the Senior Tutor, Dr Thomas Lancaster. He is not part of the Mitigating Circumstances Board so can offer independent advice. The Senior Tutor may also know if processes other than Mitigating Circumstances are appropriate (for example, sometimes a request is the result of a disability and so support from the Disability Advisory Service may be more suitable).