How Data is Transforming Advertising


Alex Silk, Analyst (MSc, Behavioural Economics, University of Nottingham, 2013); Gabriel Moosman, Senior Analyst  (MS, Quantitative Methods and Modelling, Baruch College, City University of New York, 2014) Annalect


In the world of Media data is moving from the murky basement world of the IT Crowd to being seen as the future of the advertising industry. Annalect UK will take you beyond the buzzwords of Big Data and machine learning and show you how the skills learnt at university can be applied in media. Find out how data is used on clients ranging from Disney to Manchester City FC and how Annalect have predicted the Oscar winners and experienced Downton Abbey without watching a single episode.

about the company

Annalect is the analytics and tech division at Omnicom Media Group, the media services division of Omnicom Group, the world’s 2nd largest advertising conglomerate with c. USD 15.1bn of annual revenues and 74,000 employees in over 100 countries.