Optimized rendering techniques based on local cubemaps: The evolution of the standard cubemap


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This talk will show how the concept of standard cubemaps, originally used to implement reflections from distant environments, has evolved to a more complex concept of local cubemaps used to implement local reflections, shadows and refractions. Several videos will be displayed to demonstrate new applications of local cubemaps and support the theory behind the new rendering techniques. The speaker will demonstrate why rendering techniques based on local cubemaps are important for mobile graphics as they are faster, more efficient and provide better quality than other classical rendering techniques such as shadow mapping and runtime planar reflections using a mirrored camera. The limitations of rendering techniques based on local cubemaps, and how to address them, will be also discussed. 

Bio Speaker

Roberto Lopez Mendez is an ARM Software Graphics Engineer. He studied Nuclear Physics at university but after a decade working in Physics research he discovered his real passion and since 1995 has been working in 3D graphics for a variety of companies. In 2012 Roberto joined the ARM Demo Team. Since then he has been developing optimized rendering techniques for mobile devices creating demos that show the capabilities of the latest ARM Mali GPUs. He also regularly delivers workshops at different universities and presents at game related events.