Agility and Safety at Bats Global Markets


Alexander ZawadzkiBats


Bats Global Markets is one of the world’s leading stock market operators. Bats is the largest stock exchange in Europe and the second largest stock exchange operator in the U.S., yet has a global headcount of fewer than 300 people. To exist in this competitive space, Bats needs to build and ship new features whilst maintaining excellent platform stability. This talk discusses how the Bats software development process can balance these requirements, and the associated challenges and opportunities that arise. 

Bio Speaker

Alex is a Software Developer at Bats Global Markets, London. After studying Materials Science at Oxford he worked as a research scientist for the Sharp Corporation from 2009 to 2013 specialising in 3D display systems. Alex graduated from the Masters in Computing Science at Imperial in 2014, and subsequently completed a data science fellowship with the Advanced Skills Initiative (ASI) and Silicon Valley start-up PredictionIO. Alex joined Bats in 2015, and enjoys shipping software!