Creating IoT Ecosystems



Dr Mike Fisher



The Internet of Things (IoT) is anticipated to deliver significant innovation in many different areas, including future cities, transport, health and social care, manufacturing and agriculture. This is part of a wider recognition of the value of opening up information resources so they can be exploited more fully. This talk will describe experiences in two major UK projects aimed at developing and demonstrating innovative solutions in smart cities - MK:Smart and CityVerve. The growing importance of interoperability in fully realising the potential of the IoT will be introduced, and the role of HyperCat as an early step towards an open environment for sharing information will be discussed.

Speaker bio

Mike is Chief Researcher in BT's Future Business Technology Research Practice. His interests include distributed systems and the convergence of computing and networks - most recently the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications. He has been involved in a number of collaborative projects in these areas including MK:Smart and Stride where he contributed to the HyperCat specification. Mike has had leading roles in a number of European collaborative projects, has been a member of European Expert Groups on Grid and Cloud computing and chaired the ETSI Technical Committee on Cloud.