Virtualising the world


Where your information is going, and how to get at it

Andrew Halley

Computing – including your data and what you do with it – is increasingly virtual. While you own your personal data, companies and organisations store, move and give third parties access to your information using technologies and techniques which are becoming more and more layered, arcane and complex. This presentation will focus on how the world’s major clouds and IT companies meet these challenges securely and explain how fundamental techniques such as virtualisation and thin-client access over highly variable networks meet these challenges head-on.

Andrew Halley first encountered virtual systems at CERN as a particle Physicist before going onto to be a heavy user of globally distributed Linux systems for research analysis. Moving from academia to industry he then developed software for mobile protocol stacks and applications frameworks before switching to running global projects and software teams. These have ranged from cellular and WiMAX, to GPS silicon and software followed by secure communications for emergency services and now (full-circle!) into the work of virtualised IT and Cloud infrastructure with Citrix XenServer Development.