Building and scaling an OS for wearables


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Technology from the mobile phone supply chain has been on an amazing path of miniaturization over the past ten years.  Seeing the possibilities for rich, interactive experiences in stylish devices you can wear comfortably all day long we set out to build a wearable operating system for this new generation of products.  In this talk, David will explain how the project evolved from early prototyping efforts to a product powering hundreds of different watch designs from a diverse set of manufacturers and share some of the most challenging user experience, design and engineering challenges we faced.

Speaker Bio

David Singleton is the Engineering VP leading the Android Wear, Google Fit, Android Essentials apps and Google Store teams.
He joined Google in early 2006 in London and worked on several Mobile projects including Voice Search, the Mobile Search apps, YouTube and Google Voice.
Outside of Google, David is an advisor to several startups. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Computer Science.