Infosys-ATP: Technology employed to digitize the Tennis ecosystem & InStep (Infosys' Flagship Global Internship Program)


Mr. Mohamed Anis



Like most popular sports, tennis fans are increasingly consuming more content about the sport across multiple channels. Active fan engagement today demands contextual, real-time information and insights about the game across a variety of channels. Infosys, as the exclusive Global Technology Services Partner of the ATP World Tour, leverages its expertise in cloud, mobility and analytics to manage, analyze and interpret large volumes of tennis data (both historical and current) and present insights and predictions through interactive platforms for ATP fans, players, partners and the media.

The Infosys ATP partnership has led to the following initiatives for the ATP World Tour:

  • An exclusive Infosys ATP Scores & Stats Center to revolutionize engagement with tennis fans by providing unprecedented insights and predictions about every tournament, every match and every point. The Scores & Stats Center will be powered by the Infosys Information Platform (IIP), an open-source data analytics platform for data visualization and data analysis
  • Reimagine the ATP Player Zone, a next-generation player engagement platform and mobile app, to elevate the experience for players and enable them to register for tournaments, review travel information, connect with other players, and stay up-to-date on all ATP World Tour news
  • Manage the infrastructure, applications and data of ATP World Tour by leveraging the elasticity and computational power of the cloud-based model


Mohamed Anis helms the Energy (Oil & Gas) and Services industry vertical business for Infosys in Europe. He is passionate about leveraging technology to amplify potential, be it using machine learning to crunch years of sensor data for tennis or to crunch real-time offshore oil rig data to glean insights and potentially predict failures.

He has had the good fortune of working with leading companies to deliver on their digital agenda. Here are a few examples of Digitizing Companies – BPM led house moves process for a Fortune 100 electric utility, cash management and payments hub for an investment bank, digitizing the world of sports in order to engage with fans and monetize their engagement. Recently he gave a talk in London Sports Analytics Summit under the topic “How can we use revolutionary technology such as Machine Learning, IOT Sensors and Digital Twin to monetize data in Sports?” -

He is also working on initiatives that are aimed at Disrupting Industries - Deep Reinforcement Learning coupled with a slew of sensors for re-imagining tennis coaching, Uber like platform for real-time staffing marketplace, boiling the ocean of social, news and blog data for gleaning top insights for the oil and gas industry policy makers and captains of the industry. Prior to this, he helmed the consulting and system integration business for the Financial Services & Insurance vertical which accounted for 30% of the FSI business in Europe. Before that, he headed the Enterprise Solutions business across all industry verticals in Europe which grew to be the one of the significant business segments in Europe, accounting for nearly 10% of Infosys' Europe revenues.