Man and Machine – Exploiting the Formula One Digital Journey


Dr Andy Cheadlelogo


McLaren Applied Technologies exists at the cutting edge of the McLaren Technology Group, harnessing the culture, advanced technology and predictive analytics that have been honed over 50 years of competition in the world’s most technologically demanding sport where we have pioneered techniques in data logging, control, telemetry, data analysis and simulation.

Formula One is a powerful proving ground for these technologies as the adoption cycle is very short and the team is always pushing for the next development to provide a competitive edge.

We have now extended market reach to deploy these capabilities into new applications that range from drugs trials and optimal drilling of oil wells to condition monitoring on high-value assets such as manufacturing machines and mining trucks and continue to capitalise on this culture of data reliance, analysis and the convergence of real-time data management, predictive analytics and simulation to deliver high performance in health, transport, energy and most recently financial sectors.

In this talk Andy will present an overview of McLaren’s approach, technologies and some example case studies considering their application to the optimisation of both machine and human performance.

Speaker Bio

Andy is the Software Development Director for McLaren Applied Technologies where he heads up the Software and Analytics departments and is responsible for the research and development of a range of technology platforms and solutions that perform batch and stream-based analytics across the market sectors of Motorsport, Automotive, Healthcare, and Public Transport.

Andy’s current focus, driven by prior work on national-scale Cyber Security solutions, is on converging processing systems for national-scale data sets with advanced simulation and model execution.

Prior to joining McLaren Applied Technologies, Andy has held a variety of senior research, engineering, and architecture roles within FTSE 100 Telecoms and Defence companies and also within Enterprise software start-ups. He holds MEng and Ph.D. degrees in computer science, from Imperial College London, and has held research posts within its Faculty of Engineering.