Aria: A platform for Real-time analytics at scale


Microsoft logo Raul da Silva Martins


Aria is the real-time data platform for the whole ASG division of Microsoft (Office, Bing, Skype, Cortana, MSN). It processes 5 million events/sec, from more than 500 million devices and services, resulting in more than half a PetaByte of data per day. The platform provides both real-time visualizations, large-scale map-reduce jobs and fast adhoc queries.

Building and maintaining a system of this scale requires both an architecture tailored for high performance and a relentless focus on reliability. This talk will cover both the evolution of the platform to the scale it has today and the architecture and strategies that enable its performance.

Speaker Bio

Raul is a software engineer at Microsoft. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science specialized in distributed systems and is a member of Microsoft's Aria team, working with a focus on distributed infrastructure at scale.