Changing the universe without breaking it – technology change in massive environments



Matt Johnson



Nobody likes change, but everyone needs it – particularly where technology is involved, given the pace of growth of data and processing power! In the financial industry, a change to a technology area is potentially full of risk – not just something going technically wrong, but potentially causing financial loss or reputational damage. So how do you make changes in massive and complex environments without breaking the universe? This talk discusses how large organizations manage technology change, where things can (and have) gone wrong, and how organizations attempt to reduce the risk.


Matt Johnson is a Vice President within the Enterprise Infrastructure Division of Morgan Stanley Technology, responsible for strategy and architecture within the storage environment. An Imperial Computing alumnus, he graduated MEng in 2003 and then worked in the Computing Support Group as a systems administrator and systems manager until 2008. Since then, Matt has been working on storage and data protection solutions for Morgan Stanley, involving managing technology risk, and managing and developing within greenfield and brownfield software engineering projects.