Application Performance: Avoiding a Massive Flop


Matthew Churcherlogo


The web has become a pervasive part of our everyday lives. We use it in our offices, in our homes and on the go. It powers everything from Facebook to Banking and increasing government services can only be accessed online. In this talk we will discuss the consequences of failing to anticipate high user demand and how software organisations prepare to ensure that their big launch doesn’t become a massive flop.

Speaker Bio

Matthew is Lead Performance Engineer at NewVoiceMedia and works alongside a dozen agile development teams and half a dozen operational teams on all aspects of performance, reliability and scaling, from automated testing pipelines to resolving life incidents. Matthew has had over a decade of experience in all areas of software quality assurance since graduating Computer Science at Exeter University in 2005. He regular attends conferences in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in web and cloud technologies.