Smart contract and real world data: decentralized applications that matter


Thomas BertaniOraclize


Blockchain applications can provide game changing and useful services once they start to leverage real data. Providing data to Dapps is hard and can easily become the point of failure in such a trustless scenario. During this presentation we will introduce some projects solving real world problems thanks to the use of the blockchain on one side and the Oraclize oracle system on the other. The Oraclize model enables an offchain party to act as a provably honest oracle which can give strong authenticity guarantees for both data and computations by making an extensive use of smart HW and SW techniques based on new Trusted Computing technologies like TLSNotary, Intel SGX and Qualcomm TrustZone among the others.


Thomas Bertani is a long time blockchain expert. His career started with important contributions in the fields of high performance computing, today he works mainly on Bitcoin and Ethereum as an entrepreneur and consultant. In August 2013 he started Bitboat, which today is among the leading 'cash to bitcoin' marketplaces in Europe. In the last 4 years his experimentations in this industry ranged from the managing of "Virtual Companies" listed on a Bitcoin Equity Crowdfunding Exchange to the incorporation of the 1st company in Italy and 2nd in Europe incorporated with Bitcoin as capital contribution. After his work at Cointerra in designing high performance bitcoin miners and managing 5% of the global Bitcoin hashrate, his focus is now in providing reliable infrastructure layers for smart contracts via the Oraclize oracle solution.