Being a superstar engineer on your first day of work


Bryan Dovelogo


One of the most common questions I hear from students is what should they be practicing while they’re in school so they can be great engineers once they join a company after graduation. In this talk, I’ll share details about how modern engineering teams work, the challenges we face in a mobile & cloud-first world, what skills we’re teaching internally, and what you can do to build these skills before leaving school. The talk will go for about 30 minutes followed by an open Q&A.


Bryan is the Senior Vice-President of Engineering at Skyscanner leading a diverse team of more than 350 engineers across several offices in Europe, APAC, and North America. Prior to that, he spent time as an engineering director for AWS S3, Skype, and Microsoft building various enterprise and consumer products that serve millions of users. Bryan’s areas of expertise include big data, scalable distributed systems, changing companies from the inside, building and leading highly distributed teams, growing technology businesses and herding cats.