Data Visualisation democratising data in all organisations


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Data has been collected for decades by organisations of all sizes but very rarely have the tools or skills been made available to leverage this amazing asset. After years of observing data being overlooked by decision-makers at all levels in favour of gut instinct, tools begun to emerge that allow all users to gain the answers to the questions they have been waiting to ask. Those companies that are leveraging their data assets are thriving and getting the most from their staff. In this talk, you will find out how those successful organisations have made the change.

Bio Speaker

After eight years in FTSE100 Financial Services companies, Carl saw the power of data based decision making providing information to leaders across the organisations. However, wanting to drive his skills further he joined the leading Tableau and Alteryx partner in Europe to learn from the best. Carl now works with multi-national organisations and public bodies to empower their users by consulting and training people across all spheres of life in how to get the most out of their data and make better decisions.