Digital music: I wouldn't start from here



Simon Cole - Chief Executive Officer, 7digital



The music industry has embraced digital - but it has been dragged there kicking and screaming. Now it is clear that that the future is digital and moreover streaming not downloading, there is a rush to "catch up". But mistakes have been made technically and economically as the industry has been changing and these need to be undone before this can truly be a digital industry.

Speaker Bio

Simon brings 27 years of executive leadership to 7digital, having led public companies for over 15 years.

After studying Drama at Manchester University, Simon joined the BBC for his initial training in the radio medium. He moved rapidly to commercial radio, joining Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio in 1983. In 1987, after he predicted the emergence of an independent production sector, the board of Piccadilly Radio plc asked him to setup just such an operation, PPM airwaves. The company went on to establish the market for sponsored networked programmes.

In 1989, Simon left to found The Unique Broadcasting Company which became the market leader in both the production of network radio programmes for commercial radio throughout the UK and BBC Radio. In 2000, Unique floated on the London Stock Exchange as part of UBC Media Group plc with Simon as Chief Executive. UBC Media were leaders in content production and software development for the global radio and online communities. During his time as Chief Executive for UBC Media, Simon oversaw the acquisition of several production companies in both London and Manchester and drove the Company’s move into new online platforms.

In 2014, Simon oversaw the merger/ reverse acquisition of UBC Media and 7digital to create a global leading company in end-to-end digital music solutions.

Simon is also the Chairman of startup, Idea Drop and a non-executive director of EVR holdings, owners of MelodyVR.