Honey, have you turned of the lights? How hackers shut down the power grid in Ukraine.



Cristi Grigore



On December 23, 2015, hackers obtained access to the computer network of a Ukrainian power distribution company in the western part of the country and managed to shut down power to approximately 225,000 residential customers and business. They have ben preparing this attack for the better part of a year and they plunged a large part of the country in darkness just before Christmas. How did they do it?

Speaker Bio

Cristi is a Systems Engineer Manager in the Cisco London office where he is responsible for a team of university graduates during their journey of becoming young professionals in Cisco's high performance sales force. Throughout his career, Cristi has worked as a Systems Engineer with companies in the energy and manufacturing sectors and covering the enterprise networking, security and data center architectures. He holds a CCIE certification (#23413) in Routing and Switching.