Supporting Wimbledon in their Pursuit of Greatness



Bill Jinks



In a congested sporting calendar Wimbledon faces stiff competition for sports fans' attention, not only from other events but from their own broadcast partners who are covering The Championships. For 28 years, IBM has supported Wimbledon with their mission to be the best tennis tournament in the world. In this talk, I will share how IBM are using new cognitive technology and digital platforms to provide data insights in real-time to engage fans around the globe; the challenges of delivering a resilient but temporary IT solution every year; and the important role of interns in IBM's Wimbledon team.

Speaker Bio

Bill is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and is IBM's technical director for a multinational telecommunications company, leading a team who define solutions that exploit digital, cognitive and cloud technologies. Bill has over 25 years experience in IT, defining architectures for clients and leading some of IBM's largest and most complex systems integration projects in Europe. Prior to this role, Bill led IBM's technical team providing outsourcing and infrastructure transformation services for a large UK property and casualty insurer. Bill also has a part-time role as IBM's technical advisor to the All England Lawn Tennis Club and has just completed his 15th Championships. Bill is passionate about improving professionalism in the IT industry, leading the IBM architect profession in UK and lecturing on real-life IT architecture at the University of Warwick, UCL and Imperial College London.