How to deploy a scalable serverless chat app to the internet - LIVE!



David "Doogal" Simpson



Amazon Web Services has all kinds of cool and useful things that allow you to focus on just making the application you are actually interested in writing. 

This presentation will be using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3 and API Gateway to deploy a simple chat application live and open to the internet in general. 

The main point of the talk is to try and get across how these tools can allow you to write something that will scale large numbers of users without you having to reinvent the wheel and solve all the scaling problems yourself.

Speaker Bio

David Simpson is a Senior Software Engineer at Lottovate (part of Zeal Group).

Originally a Physics graduate, he started working for BAE Systems writing software for finding suspicious patterns in social network data. This has been used by counter terrorism organisations, large banks, large insurers and several governments look for tax evaders. There was a point around 2011 where if you had a bank account, or paid tax, or bought insurance, all of your details would have been processed by his code (if BAE's marketing is to be believed).

After that, he moved to work at a lottery start-up called Geonomics, and helped build GeoLotto (you might have seen the adverts on TV) before it was acquired by Zeal. 

At Zeal he spends his day writing Java code for the Lottovate lottery platform, reinventing the digital lottery experience and unlocking new sources of funding for good causes. The platform runs multiple bespoke lotteries in different countries, offers software as a service and lottery solutions for charities, foundations and communities. He spends his evenings working for the gaming startup (Zeal´s latest in-house investment).