Disruptive Innovation at Ocado



Dr David Sharp



Ocado operates at the leading frontier of online grocery, creating and deploying an increasingly sophisticated combination of innovative artificial intelligence, e-commerce, internet-of-things, robotic, telecommunication, transportation, cloud and warehouse technologies that together make up the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP). This talk will provide a glimpse into the Ocado Smart Platform and the array of technology that is likely to propel online grocery into the future. It will also explore some of the exciting internship, graduate and PhD-level opportunities that Ocado has for high-performing students with a flair for innovation.

Speaker Bio

David Sharp leads Ocado’s “Technology 10x” team that seeks to make disruptive “ten times” improvements to the technology that empowers online grocery retailing. David was previously a Lecturer in Computing at Imperial College, having graduated from Imperial with a PhD in Computing and MBA in New Ventures. He is a scholar of King’s College Cambridge, where he studied Engineering (Electrical Sciences). Prior to joining Ocado, David worked as a technology consultant in Cambridge and London, creating new technology and advising businesses, investors and lawyers on technology-related strategies, projects and ventures.