Flight Safety and Autoload


Yin Yee Kan

Amadeus is a company specialized in providing software for the Travel Industry. In its portfolio, Altea Departure Control Flight Management is a solution that automates aircraft load control and optimizes flight departure by analyzing passenger and cargo data more precisely, as well automatically optimizing aircraft weight distribution. It is used daily to manage the weights on approximately 25000 commercial flights a day. This presentation will highlight a few points around software usability and optimizing constraints, to illustrate how software automation help improving flight safety.

After graduating with a BSc. (Hons.) in actuarial science, I spent eight enjoyable years working at an international bank. During that time, I explored diverse roles ranging from product development to risk analytics to corporate strategy. I spent my sabbatical pursuing an MSc. in computer science and decided to switch careers after graduating. I joined Amadeus as a graduate software engineer working on the Departure Control Systems product. In a very happy turn of events, I have just started a PhD in artificial intelligence at Imperial under the supervision of Professor William Knottenbelt sponsored by Amadeus. I'm happy to meet for a coffee if you would like to find out more about working at Amadeus!