Robert Hanton

Thanks to the advantages it offers to both consumers and tech companies, The Cloud has gone from a buzzword to a key aspect of how many companies in tech provide services. But some technologies have constraints that mean they are not amenable to the standard design patterns for a cloud service. In this talk we'll examine the unique challenges involved in providing real-time media from the Cloud, and how Cisco mitigates them as part of its Webex conferencing service, as well as the reality of what working on a Cloud service means.

Robert Hanton is a Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems. He has worked in video conferencing ever since he graduated from Cambridge's Engineering course back in 2005, working in companies with tens of employees, and companies with tens of thousands. He is the primary architect and service owner for some of the key media services in Cisco's Webex conferencing product, responsible for providing millions of minutes of real-time video and audio every day to users around the world.