Toby Leheup, Shahzad Chohan, Jenny Chong

Discover how Credit Suisse has implemented Deep Learning in eCommunications Surveillance, and how moving to GPU-accelerated models has yielded significant business value. The solution works on unstructured data and leverages bleeding-edge Natural Language Processing techniques, and will be enhanced with emotion analysis running on GPU-farms. We will conclude on the new and interesting ways that bleeding edge technology is being used in NLP and beyond.

Jenny Chong - Director, Global Head of eCommunication Surveillance. Credit Suisse. Jenny spent her childhood in Singapore enjoying the tropical climate, before getting serious and took a degree in maths and economics from the London School of Economics. She then got out of academia and entered the world of finance, where she has done a variety of roles across the Business and Technology before landing in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Toby Leheup - Systems Architecture, Machine Intelligence and Accelerated Compute. Over the last decade, Toby has mainly operated in the domains of surveillance, fraud detection and forensics leveraging various technologies. His professional interests are in leadership, GPU-enabled AI and Analytics and Software Engineering. Recent projects include building a GPU-enabled Machine Learning toolset, writing a Deep Learning Speech-to-Text algorithm and rearchitecting the strategic Data Management tooling for Credit Suisse.

Shahzad Chohan - Vice President, Global Head of Machine Intelligence and Accelerated Compute. Shahzad, who is an Imperial Graduate, has been at for Credit Suisse eight years ago and has impacted areas in Low Latency, Big Data and Machine Learning. Shahzad leads the Machine Learning and Accelerated Computing Team focused on enabling capabilities for the firm to leverage. He has been the vanguard at Credit Suisse in introducing and delivering Big Data and Deep Learning solutions to the firm and overseen the expansion of these areas. In between commitments he enjoys escaping the urban jungle and heading to explore the countryside. He focuses on a brutal 2 day trekking with little rest, challenges seem to follow him around! One of his proudest achievements was his contribution to the global research in Cancer, where he researched the protein structure binding mechanism for HSP90.