Mariano Korman

Mariano has been building software for over a decade and a half. 6 years ago he found agile and never looked back. As a watersports enthusiast, he likes to work remotely from beach towns where the winds are strong and the communities vibrant.  He's currently a Tech Lead in NewVoiceMedia helping the team build kickass software.  He blogs at blog.mkorman.uk and doesn't tweet much.

Microservices have been getting a lot of attention over the last few years. The term seems to float around like a buzzword, up to the point that some skeptic thinks that they might be overhyped. Many developers and architects wants to use them, but many organisations that come from a monolithic background seem to struggle in taking the first step towards implementation.
Rather than making a general case for microservices, this presentation focuses a real case study: how a dev team with ample experience in working in a monolith managed to successfully deliver a new microservices-based solution in a tight deadline.
We explore the main challenges, the mistakes made, the successes and the lessons learned. Armed with this knowledge you will have a clear view of the road to microservices. If you're about to start a new big feature, perhaps this case study will inspire you to use this new and exciting architecture!